I think that this will be my ultimate number one priority in order to proceed my pitiful life.

I fear death, like all Humans, however I fear it in an abnormal sense. Death, as some think, is a disease. Why must we die?

I think that it is such a shame to acquire so much knowledge knowing that you will eventually start to degrade in mental function, then death.

The thought of instant pre-education enters the mind; either by producing children in enviroments that immediately introduce information to their minds at an escalating rate or by fixed education such as those depicted in the Star Trek films, schools for Spock’s species.

Back to the subject; the basic idea is:

A skin forming permeable shield envelopes the human body. The shield is able to interact with matter thereby allowing flow of needes gasses and sunlight while having the properties of inertial dampening.

It is quite a challenge to make something that can deccelerate high energy projectiles or rather your impact with solid objects ie a fall.

Even more challening, the thought of allowing specific matter to pass through such as oxygen and carbon atoms.

Another problem is the thought of interacting with matter, you could not touch your own face.

Though it could be possible to design the shield to be permeable to itself. That is, if you chose to interact with your own body, the conforming layers to each member of your body may temporaroly join together as one main member thereby allowing motion within but dis-allowing matter to pass through.

The idea of extracting oxygen from water phathoms the idea of being under water.

Primarily the purpose of this device is to prevent any assisinations through sniper rounds.

Possible physical solutions.

This is a very vague very general set of ideas that may work as a viable means to achieve such a marvelous device.

My current understanding of modern physics is deplorable, I barely understand the concepts taught so far. Speaking of such a complex idea at this stage is really borderline imbecile.

While watching a very old Star Trek episode, I saw a piece of technology depicted which had the capability of changing the state of matter. Such a change allowing solid matter to pass through matter by making the obstacle basically dissociate into an almost liquid state.

Ideally such a thought would be deemed impossible since a solid object would not retain the original shape if it suddenly possesed the characteristic of a liquid.

Still such a thought is intriguing. From concepts that I have learned so far, I am able to make distant connections.

Perhaps these connections and understanding are completely wrong, however the purpose of this post is to write my initial thoughts which may be backed up by a professional server and dated.

I have learned about the photoelectric effect, compton, Bohr, experiments regarding wave and particle theories.

If matter could be altered by high frequency electromagnetic waves, perhaps the dream of my permeable energy field may be that much closer to reality despite being so far way.

I just hate the fact that bringing up a subject such as this would be deamed imbecilic by professors.

It takes the one guy who proves something widely accepted wrong, to change the mindset of the majority.

Still it must be correct for it to work, and I have a very long time ahead of me to learn what I need. What bothers me even more is that I am only able to keep this mental state on rare occassions. My mind is easily distracted by women, movies. life in general, my model airplanes, the whole ego and social bs and the thought of poverty and being trapped.

My failing of classes, my apparent incompetence that results from my lack of interest in the subject being taught.

Such is the life of a dreamer, or a mad man.