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Today I had the most wonderful dream

I dreamt about Olivia again. What I remember most was that there was a part, a party at an old house that I used to live in. My nephew and I hosted it without any parents.

I remember my nephew getting plastered at one point and he was singing a song on a micrphone which supposedly was connected to an amplifier however what I saw it connected to was a space heater. Odd that I remember seeing that very space heater.

I at one point went to a power station that was not very far from my house, up the road in fact. It was odd because it was a combination of both day time and night time.

At one point I was walking a long a road at night when I heard what sounded like a motion sensing camera respond to my presence and take pictures. In the process I saw two girls lying in the ditch telling me to hide.

Next I remember receiving a bill for the party which we hosted. The man at the power plant told me that there had been some surges. I could only assume that it was that damned microphone and the heater.

Later after returning I yelled in a dominant manner where I had gotten all of the scumbag attendees’ attentions. Odd that I would invite these people I thought to myself.

I explained to them the bill and that they needed to chip in. I did not get any money but cigarettes. 2 from two other kids and three solid white cigarettes from a guy named Mike who I played rugby with.

Incidentally I had received a white cigarette from my nephew in real life a few days earlier despite the fact that I don’t smoke.

The main thing about this dream was love.

In this dream was Olivia who was a girl that I fell in love with in High School, at one point in life I thought that she may have felt the same for me at a real party when I was in a tree and broke a branch in the process of swinging to the ground. However at the time she was dating one of my good friends.

In eight grade I first laid eyes on her when she first moved in to the high school that I also moved into. I remember seeing this girl who reminded me of my brothers first wife named Gabby. She had that Italian look with the blonde brown hair.

In my dream I rememberered seeing Olivia and I wanted to talk to her. *It’s starting to get fuzzy now but..*
At one point I was holding her or rather she was holding me, and I explained to her how I fell in love with her at first sight in High school. Strange how the time was in this dream. This thought made her embrace me even more, at one point she had agreed to have sex with me. But I was so enthralled by just being so close to her that sex was just another extra layer of cake.

We had attempted to do the nasty in a corner of the garage/barn but I figured that there were nicer places to do the dirty deeds. Just as I was sure that I was about to get laid, something happened.

I don’t know why but I lost track of her. I didn’t know where she went. Panicked I searched the entire contents of my dreams. Then I found her with short cut blonde hair and fire apple lipstick. She then began to put her wig back on.

Ugh it was so weird!

At one point in the dream we were at a hospital, something had happened to Olivia.

The doctors claimed that something happened to her and that her body had to be constructed entirely out of starch, such an idea was appalling but seeing her face made it all the better.

The doctor mentioned that her heart would be working much harder as it was hard to beat against the starch walls, he even went as far as to say that the inside of her body would reach several hundred degrees, weird flaws in this dream.

Further she started to resemble Kim Kardashian, and her eyes also were peculiar as they reminded me of one of the alien casts in the newest Star Trek movie with the odd, massive elliptical eyes. I believe she helped deliver the protagonist of the movie.

At one point in this dream I remember making my way to Olivia across a crappy bridge made over a creak. During the process, someone else had tried to get to her as well.

It certainly was an odd dream. But this was one of those dreams where I truly feel love. The attraction and emotion of being with someone that feels great.


Excuses, excuses, excuses… the same could be said about my sex life

I had the thought that if I was capable of immediately paying off my debt, I would go ahead and stop school to live in a different country.

This is my fourth semester and from what I have gathered, everything that you learn can be learned online.

I feel as if all you are really doing is paying for a spot in the great line of the corporate world.

Really I want to advance science and develop next generation technology, but as I have been told numerous times, one needs to know the fundamentals.

I don’t disagree, I simply wish that I was more enthusiastic, or perhaps had better teachers. If I had the money, I would be free.