I guess I am after that shot of fame.

I envision myself as being a real life Tony Stark.

Fantasy it may seem. My dreams of walking the depths of the deepest oceans, and beating the companies that drain life from the very Human spirit in the name of Capitalism.

I want to leave a legacy, ideally death is not an option, however reality must be faced.

Why so foolish you might ask? Einstein said himself “Imagination is more valuable than knowledge“.

Perhaps that may not be the exact words, but I am always amazed at the intelligence of the human mind.

Stellar abberation to determine the speed of light, operation of jet engines, extracting energy from phase changes, free-ing electrons from the surface of metals.

It is really incredible, it seems like science-fiction is simply unexplained physical phenomena. Once someone defines it in understandable terms to the majority, then it is accepted as the truth.

This is why my mind thinks the way it does. On the verge of insanity, yet always chained to reality.